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9:00                                                                                                                Transforming the global cash industry and                                                          the importance of HR to make it happen -                                                         Mårten Lundberg, CHRO & Anette Furbo, Country CEO, Loomis

  • Loomis Group strategy & transformation

  • People Mgmt. as key within business transformation

  • Group HR actions in order to support local transformation

  • Nordic/Danish market in transformation & business update

  • Customer expectations/services today/tomorrow

  • Leadership & people mgmt. when driving change

Q&A with Anette & Marten

10:30 CET                                                                                                              Coffee & Networking


9:30                                                                                                                    Skills: The key to translating business                                                            strategy to People Strategy -                                                                              Mikaël Wornoo, Founder & COO, TechWolf

  • How can you define your Strategic Workforce Plan based on your (future) business challenges?
  • How can skills help you execute your plan in the most effective way?
  • How can AI support skill-based processes and Strategic Workforce Planning?

Q&A with Mikaël

12:50 CET                                                                                                      Wrap-up & End of the HRcoreNORDIC seminar                                                  13:00


11:20                                                                                                            Expectations vs. Reality:                                                                                    How to Get Your Learning Culture Right -                                                        Neelie Verlinden, Digital HR Expert &                                                                  Miguel Hånberg, Presales Consultant, Talentsoft

Many companies claim to offer an excellent learning experience, but often things aren't exactly what they seem. This is what's missing in most organizations:

  • Knowledge of current workforce capabilities and where the gaps are

  • The right learning culture and realization of continuous learning

  • The tools to make learning successful

Sounds familiar? In this session, Neelie Verlinden (HR Journalist & Content Manager at Talentsoft) speaks with Miguel Hånberg (Pre-sales consultant at Talentsoft) about the current state of the learning culture in organizations and how this can be improved.

Q&A with Neelie & Miguel

11:50 Panel Discussion with Kasper Willemann, Head of People Tribe, Danske Bank & Mattijs Mol, Global Head of HR Impact & Insights, Wärtsilä & Uma Ranganathan, Sr. Leader People and Leadership, Equinor & Tom Haak, Director, HR Trend Institute

  • Which challenges will HR face the next 12 months following the COVID-19?

  • What should HR work focus on, contribute, and deliver?

  • What is the biggest impact the epidemics will have on your company?

  • What are the most needed actions in supporting the workforce at its current state?

  • What does machine learning and AI mean for HR?

  • Five years from now, which HR processes will be critical to have automated?

10:00                                                                                                                How we use Design Thinking to improve our                                                    Digital processes and Employee Experience -                                               Sandra Dillon, Global VP Talent Development, Kemira

  • Moving from reactive HR to reimaging better Employee Experience starts with data insights, Digital HR and a problem worth solving!
  • HR has become one of our early adopters of design thinking & service design methods for more iterative co-creation (5 step approach Explore, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Finalize)
  • Moving from HR designed processes to enabling moments that matter for our employees and business has meant redesigning performance management & development, recruitment & internal talent market - our journey continues at Kemira
  • In my role leading Talent Development globally, I will focus on how we have used these new ways of working to improve employees’ experience of learning and growing “Growth” at Kemira
  • We explore what this reimagined HR practices looks like, how to get started, experimenting and sustainable transformation
Q&A with Sandra

10:50                                                                                                                What is Digital Transformation about? -                                                                    Uma Ranganathan,                                                                                              Sr. Leader People and Leadership, Equinor

  • The people side of Digital Transformation
  • What are the opportunities when studying the increasing User Experience from a D&I perspective

Q&A with Uma

8:45 CET                                                                                                        Opening of Day 2 by the Chairs:                                                                        Tom Haak, Director, HR Trend Institute &                                                          Natal Dank, Author of 'Agile HR' &                                                                    Urban Björn,                                                                                                    Former SVP, Swedbank, Founder at Business as Equals